miGenie Features

It’s important heating controls are installed correctly and safely, which is why it’s always recommended that you find an installer to fit them. One of the magical things about miGenie is that it can be installed in just 10 minutes making it and quick and hassle free process for you and your installer. Unlike some other more complicated systems, your installer doesn’t need to be specifically trained on miGenie. Installation is the same as traditional controls and uses a standard backplate, so if you have a local installer you know and trust give them a call and they will be able to get your Wish up and running in no time.

No need to involve utility companies, no contracts, no wiring, no fuss.

Installer Benefits

  • Familiar installation
  • Industry standard backplate for easy upgrade
  • No wiring needed (if a standard backplate exists)
  • 2-way wireless connection
  • Devices pre-bound out of the box
  • Signal strength indicator for correct placement
  • Straightforward internet set-up – no specialist equipment or access codes required
  • Universal programming – 24 hour, 5day/2day or 7 day programming (default 7 day programming via the app)

miGenie Features

  • If the internet connection fails ALL functionality will still be available from the in-home equipment
  • Future proof – remote upgrades means heating system software will be automatically updated to the latest version
  • Allows up to 8 events per day
  • Copy day feature makes scheduling quicker and easier
  • Enhanced holiday mode
  • Freestanding or wall mounted smart wireless thermostat
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