Frequently Asked Questions

The cloud service that facilitates control of the miGenie system via app control is closing on 31st March 2024. Please read our FAQs below to understand what this means for you.

miGenie cloud closure

When will the miGenie cloud service close?

31st March 2024

What happens to my product?

Your miGenie product will continue to operate and follow your set schedules. Your heating schedules can be amended via the controller. However, you will no longer be able to use the app to control your heating.

How do I programme my unit via the control?

Please watch our YouTube videos

What do I do if I want app control?

We are offering all miGenie customers an exclusive 40% off Wiser, our smart thermostat that offers much more than miGenie. Wiser enables room-by-room control and a whole host of extra features. Find out more on the Wiser website.

Which Wiser product do I need to replace my miGenie with?
  • Wish 1 (MT714R9K0900) – replace with Wiser Thermostat Kit 1
  • Wish 2 (MT724R9K0900) – replace with Wiser Thermostat Kit 2
  • Wish 3 (MT744R9K0900) – please contact customer services to discuss the set up of your system on 0333 6000 622
Where do I go to use my discount code?

Go to our Wiser shop and add your promotional code at the checkout. Your discount code can be found in the email you received from us.

Which products can my discount code be used on?

Your 40% off code applies to Thermostat Kits which are the direct replacement for your product.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to purchasing Wiser?

Our New Digistat is a more affordable option, however it only allows app control within the home via Bluetooth.

Do I need an installer to fit Wiser?

Wiser is a direct replacement for miGenie Wish 1 and 2, so there is no need for re-wiring, watch our upgrade videos for a step-by-step guide. Wish 3 is dependent on your system set up and will need to be discussed with our customer service team. Always use a professional installer if you have any concerns, you can find a list of Wiser Approved Installers here.

Can I recycle my current miGenie?

Yes - return it to us for free and we will recycle it for you as we are a zero to landfill site. A FREEPOST envelope will be included in your Wiser order.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please contact our customer service team on 0333 6000 622 who will be happy to help. Open Monday – Thursday 8am - 4.30pm, Friday 8am – 3.30pm.

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If you’re looking for multi-room smart heating, check out our new Wiser system for ultimate room-by-room control.

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