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Even in their most basic form heating controls will save you money on your energy bills – and we’re not talking a few pounds here and there.

Over 80% of domestic energy consumption is used on heating and hot water (DECC 2013), that’s more than quadruple the amount spent on lights, tumble dryers, washing machines, cookers, televisions and Genie lamps all put together! So, you can see this represents significant scope for savings with a miGenie Smart Thermostat.

Take Control Of Your Money

Independent research by the University of Salford in association with BEAMA has proven that installing a full set of heating controls in a property that doesn’t currently have them can save over 50% on heating bills, that’s over £400 for an average household.

When you add miGenie into the equation and consider the impact of being able to control your heating at any time, from anywhere, the savings could be a whole lot more.

Top Energy Saving Facts:

Over 80% of domestic energy consumption is used for heating and hot water

Over 8 million homes don’t have a room thermostat

80% of homes don’t reach the minimum recommended level of controls

Installing a full set of controls can save you over 50% on your heating bills

The recommended temperature for a room is 18-21°C

Turning your heating down by 1°C can save you 10% on your heating bill

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