Smart Made Simple

The magic of miGenie is achieving the perfect balance of familiarity and innovation. It isn’t overcomplicated and it hasn’t got features for the sake of having features. It just works.

miGenie does what it says it will do – it allows you to control your heating and hot water from a simple and intuitive app wherever you sesame!

Fond Familiarity

The miGenie is based on familiar controls, but has been given a modern twist. This means you get the best of both worlds.

Some smart controls look the part, but installation can be complex and unfamiliar with products needing to be wired and decor disrupted. This also means you need an installer that is specifically trained. miGenie is different. 

The miGenie controller has a standard backplate which means any heating engineer will feel confident installing it. When upgrading existing controls the unit clips on, the thermostat is placed either on the table stand or wall clip, the gateway is plugged in, and alakazam….. job done.

No wiring, no mess, minimal cost. 

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