Frequently Asked Questions


Will miGenie work with my existing heating system?

If you already have heating controls installed on a standard back plate (with regulation wiring) the miGenie system will be a direct replacement. Equally, it can be used with new installations and is perfect for existing buildings where the RF link prevents the need for running wires around your whole house. If you are not sure, our customer support line or your heating controls installer will be able to advise.

We can't guarantee our products will work with all boilers or installations, but we do have a lot of experience in designing heating controls so we've made sure that the miGenie system is compatible with the vast majority of UK residential heating installations. This covers most Gas & LPG, Oil and Electric boilers, but your heating controls engineer will be able to help if you have any questions about your specific installation.

There are a few systems we know miGenie isn't compatible with; Honeywell SmartFit controls and the Vaillant VR 65 control centre are incompatible with external controls and would need to be fully removed before installing a miGenie system. There are also some Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers that aren't compatible with external heating controls; they need to use Worcester's TR2 room thermostat, so if you have one of these installed miGenie won't be compatible.

miGenie is also not recommended for gravity fed systems.  Gravity systems have not been installed for many years because they do not comply with Part L of the building regulations and it is recommended to upgrade to a fully pumped system.  With a gravity fed system whenever heating is required, the hot water must also be switched on.

Will miGenie work with my gravity fed heating system?

Sorry, no miGenie is not recommended for gravity fed systems.

NB. Gravity systems have not been installed for many years because they do not comply with Part L of the building regulations and it is recommended to upgrade to a fully pumped system.  With a gravity fed system whenever heating is required, the hot water must also be switched on.

What pack (Wish) do I need?

We have created 3 wishes that cater for most heating systems.

Wish 1 is for controlling your heating if you have a combination boiler (hot water on demand rather than a cylinder). This gives you full control of the temperature in your home from a single place.

Wish 2 is for controlling your heating and hot water (with a hot water cylinder). This gives you control of the temperature in your home as well as a timer for heating your hot water.

Wish 3 comes with two thermostats to control 2 zones of heating as well as your hot water. This is common in newer homes where regulations require the 'living space' and 'rest of the home' to be on separate heating circuits.

If none of the packs are suitable out of the box, no problem, the miGenie system can be adapted to suit any home with up to of 4 zones in any configuration of heating and hot water. You can even use it to control your existing wired thermostats.

Will miGenie control heating and hot water?

Yes, miGenie will cover any configuration of heating and/or hot water with up to a total of 4 zones.

Does miGenie work with a UK standard backplate?

Yes, the miGenie controller will replace any product using the standard backplate providing this follows the standardised wiring procedure. Simply turn off the mains, pop off the old unit and replace with a miGenie controller, apply the mains and away you go…

How do I connect miGenie to the internet? Do I need to contact anyone to set my system up?

The miGenie system is simple to connect and has no affiliation with specific utilities, so you can set it up out of the box with no strings attached and no phone calls. Once the in-home units have been installed download the app and follow the on screen instructions. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address, which will be your user name and a password that must contain at least 1 capital letter and 1 number.

We also ask for some address details to tailor our support services if you experience any problems; rest assured this will not be used by any third parties!

When you have registered successfully you will be sent an e-mail to verify you account; this is a security mechanism to stop anyone else trying to access your system. You won't be able to access the app until you've clicked the link in the e-mail (please check in the junk folder if you can't find this in your inbox!). This is a one time set-up, once you've done it, that's it.

Will I need a laptop, tablet or smartphone to set-up the internet connection?

Connection to the internet uses the same app that controls your miGenie system. The app is available on smartphones and tablets running iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems (which is nearly all of them!). The gateway connects into any standard broadband router so there is no Wifi set up to worry about.

Who can I contact if I need help?

We have a customer support team available to help you through installation and use of the product. Customer Services 0333 6000 622.  Technical Support 0333 7000 622. Email


How To

How do I get the App on my smartphone and/or tablet?

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch you can find the miGenie app on the Apple App Store

If have a smartphone or tablet that uses the Android operating system you can find the miGenie app on the Google Play store

The miGenie app icon is shown below and from here you can read or submit reviews and install the app following the on screen prompts.

To install the App on Apple products you'll need iOS7 onwards and for Android products you'll need version 4.2 onwards, you can check this in the settings menu of you smartphone or tablet. We don't currently offer the app on Windows phone.

How do I login for the first time?

So you've got your system installed, you've downloaded and installed the app, you're ready to go!

The very first time you open the app you'll need to create an account, to start press on the "Let's get started" button and follow the on screen instructions (also refer to "How do I connect miGenie to the internet?" for more details)

If you've already created an account, for example you've installed the app on another smartphone or tablet, you can hit the "already got an account" option which will take you to the login screen. From here you'll need to type in you user name (email address) and password. When you've done it once it'll remember your details for next time.

Can I control miGenie from more than one smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you certainly can. The login details you register with can be used on any number of smartphones and tablets, with any mixture of Apple and Android products. Get the whole family connected or keep the details to yourself, you can decide!

Can I control multiple miGenie systems from one smartphone or tablet?

Yes you can. You'll need to create an account for each system (each with a different email address), you can then login in to different systems whenever you like to make changes or just to check everything is OK.

How to change the temperature, schedule and boost?

Changing the temperature is easy, simply go to the zone you want to change and move the temperature scale right to warm up and left to cool down. Turning on you hot water or wired thermostat can be done in exactly the same way. Whatever you set using this dial will be active until the next event in your schedule, so you don't even need to remember to change it back.

A boost will give you the option to set a temperature for a set period of time, so if you want half an hour of warmth before bed you can hit the boost key, set a comfortable temperature and the time to 30 minutes and it'll give you a boost of warmth with piece of mind that you're not using more energy than you need to (and saving you money). To make these even easier it will remember whatever you set ready for next time.

The schedule can be accessed from the main zone screen or zone menu and shows the events for each day of the week. We start you off with a default schedule but you can change these to suit your lifestyle. Each event has a start time and a temperature or On/Off option, you can delete event or add new ones (up to a maximum of 8 per day). We've used heat colouring and sizing to help give a quick view of your schedule.

How To Buy

Where can I buy a miGenie system?

You can buy your miGenie system from all good DIY retailers or from your local or national plumbers merchant. You can also ask your installer to get you a miGenie system if you are unsure about which one to buy.

How can I get miGenie installed?

We've worked hard to make the installation process as simple as possible, but although this doesn't remove the need to get a trained installer in to fit it, it does mean that this shouldn't take too much of your valuable time. The system is installed in the same way as other heating controls and is based on the standard UK back plate meaning that it will simply replace existing controls with the minimum of fuss.

You can ask any installer to fit a miGenie system. 


What can I do if my miGenie system isn’t working?

If you're having trouble with your heating system, we're here to help. We have a customer service line available to help you if you need it but there are some simple things to try first.

"I can't seem to register with my miGenie system"

The key things you'll need to remember when registering are:

  • Make sure you have typed in your e-mail address correctly in the user name field
  • Your password will need to be at least 6 characters with at least one capital letter and one number
  • Remember to press the button on the back of the gateway when prompted (the LED on the back should be flashing green)
  • Top tip: connect your smartphone or tablet to the Wifi on the same router that your miGenie gateway is connected to (this will automatically find it once the button is pressed!)
"I get 'Login Failed' when I try to log in to the app"

This means that the user name and/or password you've entered doesn’t match our database; try re-entering carefully. If this remains a problem you can hit the 'reset' password' option and this will send a temporary password to your e-mail. You'll be asked to reset this once you've logged in successfully.

Also check that the smartphone or tablet you are using has an internet connection, otherwise you won't be able to have remote control of your heating system!

"I can log in, but I don't get any information shown on the app"

This can happen if your home internet connection is not working for any reason or if the miGenie gateway is not connected or powered on. Firstly, check the status of your internet router (including cabling and power) and ensure your miGenie gateway is also connected and powered up. If your miGenie gateway can't connect to the internet the LED on the back will be amber meaning it can't contact the cloud service because the internet connection isn't working properly.

If the getaway LED is red this means the gateway can't contact the Controller unit. This could happen if the gateway or controller has been moved out of range, so try moving these closer together until the LED turns green. This could also happen if you've lost power to the controller so check the fuse panel for your heating system.

If the LED is off then the gateway doesn't have power; turning the power on should resolve your problem. Nb. The gateway usually takes about 30 seconds to start up.

If everything looks OK try restarting the app and the gateway and try again after 5 minutes; if the problem persists get in touch.

"The app doesn't seem to be controlling my heating"

Firstly make sure the app is up to date, you can check in the app settings on your smartphone or tablet. If this is up to date try resetting the gateway and the app and try again after 5 minutes; if the problem persists get in touch with us.

What happens if my internet connection stops working?

If, for whatever reason, your internet connection is down you will still have FULL control of your heating system from the controller and thermostat units in your home. Clearly you will be unable to make use of the benefits of remote control, but you will have peace of mind that whatever happens you will be in control of your heating and hot water.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, don't worry, on the login screen you can select the forgotten password link and we'll e-mail you a temporary password. You can login with this and we'll ask you to reset your password to something more memorable! Remember: your password will need to be at least 6 characters and include at least 1 capital letter and 1 numbers

Who can I contact if I need help?

We have a customer support team available to help you through installation and use of the product. Customer Services 0333 6000 622.  Technical Support 0333 7000 622. Email



How secure is my data within the miGenie application?

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us at Drayton.  As such we established our Global Security Lab to ensure vigilance against the latest threats and enable defence against our systems from a cyber-attack.  Our advanced security systems, which operate between your in-home product and the app on your smartphone, use the same encryption technology as banks to protect your data. We also update the app and miGenie software to stay ahead of any potential threats to security.  Drayton doesn’t use your personal data for any purpose other than to improve the service and support we provide you with and we don’t share this data with any third parties.

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